Jerry L. Mills Completes Two-day Visit to Chicago; Highlights Importance of Preaparing Businesses for Sale as Baby Boomer Tsunami Approaches

Jerry L. Mills Completes Two-day Visit to Chicago; Highlights Importance of Preaparing Businesses for Sale as Baby Boomer Tsunami Approaches

Visit Underscores B2B CFO’s commitment to helping business owners prepare for the sale of their companies as market conditions change


MESA, Ariz. [June 4, 2014] –    Highlighting the importance of proper planning when it comes to selling or transitioning a business, Jerry L. Mills, founder and CEO of B2B CFO today interviewed with Bill Moller of First Business News, sending a stern warning to business owners about the changing market conditions as baby boomers near retirement and flood the marketplace with unprecedented numbers of businesses for sale.

The TV interview marked the conclusion of a two-day visit to Chicago, during which Mills also met with several local business editors as well as with the leadership team of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA),  to hear their views on the economy and discuss potential collaborative efforts.

This visit centered on B2B CFO’s and B2B Exit’s resources and new programs designed to support economic development by assisting owners in maximizing the value of their businesses during a seller’s market.

“With brand new programs and partnerships in place, in addition to existing resources such as our Exit Software, we are prepared to help strengthen the mid-market business community in successful sales and transitions of businesses,” said Mills.  “All of our CFO partners around the country are committed to supporting this effort as evidenced by the new Certified Business Transition Expert training which we have just made available this year.”

B2B CFO has been steadily augmenting its B2B Exit division with new products, programs and service offerings.   In 2014 B2B Exit unveiled “Certified Business Transition Expert” training for B2B CFO Partners, as well as the M&A Incubator, a new program currently in beta testing with selecting M&A firms.  The M&A Incubator program is designed to help businesses that are not quite ready for immediate acquisition, prepare for a successful transition with their selected M&A firm.    In 2013 B2B CFO published “The Exit Strategy Handbook” and rolled out its Exit Strategy Software giving businesses owners that first complete, step-by-step process to selling their companies.

“Most people don’t realize that we’re about to go through a unique period of time, something that has never happened in the history of mankind,” added Mills. “There are approximately 78 million baby boomers that will be retiring in the next few years.  These baby boomers own more than 10 million businesses, and most will try to sell their businesses to third parties in the next few years.  This will create an unprecedented number of companies that will be available on the open market. Being prepared is more important than ever, that’s why we are investing so much time and effort into creating solutions for business owners.”


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